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                                             Protocols for Shipped Semen
To make breeding season run as smoothly as possible, please note the following Shipped Semen Protocol.
Shipped semen rates(per shipment)-Airlines-Counter-to-Counter- current airline rates, plus $275 courier & collection fee-FedEx-$275, plus actual fed Ex shipping fees.-Pick up @farm-$200
1.        Coordinate all shipments in advance.
2.        Notify office when mare is coming into heat and no less than 48 hours before you expect to need a shipment.
3.        Contact the office no later than NOON E.S.T. THE DAY BEFORE we collect to cancel or confirm shipment. Cancellations made after 2:00 pm EST the day before the shipment will be charged for the shipment.
4.        We send disposable shippers. Please be sure to return these shippers or you will be billed $35 for them. A clean uterine culture is required on all mares except maidens, those with current breeding year's foals at foot or those expected to foal within the current breeding year. Semen will not be sent until our office has a copy of the report.
5.        We collect Mon-Sat. We ship semen Mon-Fri. Semen can be picked at our farm on Sun. In order to help us maintain this, your cooperation in following these protocols is greatly appreciated.
Mares on the premises of Lazy B Quarter Horses have breeding priority on any given breeding day, therefore, NO GUARANTEE is made regarding the availability of cooled semen for any specific day. Lazy B  Quarter Horses, Inc. is not responsible for any untimely delivery or condition of the cooled semen, as we have no control of conditions after shipment leaves Lazy B Quarter Horses.

Ranch Breeding Requirements
We appreciate your business and want your breeding experience at Lazy B Quarter Horses to be a good one.  For the safety and health of your mare, and all the horses at Lazy B Quarter Horses, we require the following BEFORE your mare arrives for breeding.  Please review our requirements and contact us if you have any questions.
"        Signed Breeding Contract to Lazy B Quarter Horses with a copy of the mare's registration papers.
"        Booking Fee paid in full.
"        Notify Lazy B quarter Horses at LEAST 24 hours PRIOR to arrival with the date and time of arrival as well as the breeding stallion, hauler's name and phone number.
"        The following vaccinations must be administered by a veterinarian within 6 mths of arrival: Eastern / Western Encephalitis,Tetanus, West Nile, and Strangles. Flu & Rhino must administered by a veterinarian within 30 days of arrival. 
"        We require a current Coggins within 11 months of arrival.

"        Health Certificate
"        Clean Uterine Culture report(only exception- in foal & foal heat mares)
"        Copy of Mare's Registration Papers
"        Legible copy of Coggins (see above for date requirements)
"        Veterinarian's Certificate of vaccination history (see above for required vaccinations and dates) If you cannot provide proper documentation of vaccination history & culture report, we will vaccinate & culture, at owner's expense, upon arrival, no exceptions.
"        If your mare is in foal;Sire of foal and last breeding date
"        If your mare is a wet mare;Sire of foal, foaling date, and all relevant foal medical history
Please be sure your veterinarian has a copy of these procedures and if they have any questions, please give us a call at (352)848-0075.