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25001 Fadette Dr.
Brooksville, Fl 34601
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We are a full service horse breeding farm located in the rolling countryside of Eastern Brooksville. There is easy access from Hwy 50 and we are just minutes from I-75. The farm is on 20 lush acres all fenced and crossed fenced with the animal's safety in mind. There are separate stallion & mare barns for everyone's comfort. The stallion barn is double walled & the mare barn has video cameras for 24 hr monitoring. We also use Chemetrics Foal Watch, Daytime Foaling Management System for all our broodmares that are foaling out at our farm. All stalls have stall fans,  rubber mats under them & are cleaned twice daily. We offer day or night turnouts & have private paddocks available for the stallions or mares that need them.  We have a fully equipped breeding facility and work closely with veterinarian, Doug Davenport & associates. The farm accepts outside stallions & broodmares. Stallion services include stallion management, phantom training, semen evaluations, semen collections, semen shipping, stallion promotion & advertising tailored to your budget. Mare services include, mare management, foaling out, receiving shipped semen, inseminations & halter breaking foals.
Owner, Tasha Byerly, has been professionally working with horses since 1986. She is an AQHA Life member, PHBA Life Member, NRHA Life Member, ABRA member, NRHCA member, ARHA member, FRHA member, GHRA member, American Association of Equine Veterinary Technicians (AAEVT), Fl Association of Equine Practitioners (FAEP) member and has completed breeding seminars & breeding courses at U of  F and the Society for Theriogenology. She also has judged many open horse shows statewide.
Discounts given on all of these stallions for Point Earners, Money Earners, ROM Producer, World Champions & Reserve World Champions Earners & Producers & multi-mare bookings. Contact us for further details .
Please feel free to contact us for further information on any of the services we have to offer or if you would like to visit our facility, 352-848-0075 or email info@lbqh.com
        We have gone green!!!
Mid-Oct of 2009, with the help of Sunflower Energy, we installed a 6KW solar array, on the stallion barn roof. With the sun shinning, this array generates enough power to run the ENTIRE farm during the daylight hours! During this time, our power meter spins backwards and we are actually SELLING power back to the power company. Our first power bills have been 1/3 the normal expense for this time of year, despite the cloudy, rainy Florida winter. We hope to see an even more significant savings in our sunny spring & summer months. Also, we are in the process of having a solar powered, shallow well & pond areator installed, to bring water to a pasture on the back of our property that was previously unreachable by our current well. The areator will help keep our pond cleaner, as well. Pictures will be posted upon completion.
Our Updated Lab Facility